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Veterinarians agree that microchipping in Franklin is the most effective way to ensure that a pet that gets lost will be returned to its owners. And they certainly want you and your pet to be joyfully reunited!

As many as one in three pets get separated from their owners at some point in their lives. Even the most responsible pet owners can get separated from their furry companions. 

  • Indoor cats can slip out when service providers come to your home. 
  • Dogs can escape from the groomers or pet sitters. 
  • If there is a fire, the pet will be scared and may run away. 
  • Pets involved in car accidents can escape. 
  • Pets get scared off because of fireworks, etc. 

Why Microchips Instead of Tags?

Collars with tags can break or slip off. Microchips are permanent, can’t be tampered with, and have proven to be safe. Tags can only provide limited information, while microchips are connected to a database that maintains your information. If you move, you can easily update the information with no need to reorder tags.

What Don’t Microchips Do?

The microchips do not act like GPS trackers. You will not be able to track your pet’s location.

The microchip also does not replace rabies tags, which may be required where you live.

How Is the Microchip Implanted?

An intravenous needle is used to insert the chip right under the skin. It’s smaller than a grain of rice.

In dogs and cats, it is usually placed between the shoulder blades. The chip is coated in a substance that will cause the animal’s body to bind with it, so it stays where it is implanted.

If your veterinarian wants to put your pet under anesthesia to implant the chip, you will have to drop him or her off in the morning. If they are awake for the procedure, they will feel a pinch. If they struggle, they could cause themselves more pain. If you expect your pet will struggle, you may want to consider anesthesia. 

Don’t worry–our compassionate staff will provide gentle, loving care for your pet, before, during, and after the procedure.

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